I would love it if I could hop onto bench press and pump out reps like Arnie, Squat like a Sumo and overhead press like an Icelandic strongman. The reality however, is that I am broken. I, like arguably the majority of people throwing weights around the gym, am not in a position to begin building anything upon my shaky foundations. In my head I thought it was ‘all good’, making my body hit the gym to pump out reps on a loaded up bench press while smashing routines downloaded from bodybuilding.com: all in the name of ‘gains’. When I inevitably got repetitive injuries, that nagging shoulder pain, reappearing hip strains and annoying digestive issues, I just lay off the weights a few weeks, visited the physio and tried to eat more wholegrains in an attempt to put a plaster on the ever growing problems. I used to dismiss these aches and pains as just ‘part of life’ until I realized that there is another way of getting lean, strong and healthy. In the past six months I have slowly began to heal myself. I’m not trying to over-inflate my experiences, I lived a normal life and even though I’m now feeling and moving better than ever, I’ve still got a long way go in correcting some lifelong habits. For me, it is the primal/paleo movement that has given me hope against the failures of the standard nutrition/exercise paradigm. I really want this blog to try and document the healing process in holistic way. I want to reclaim the mobility I’ve lost. I want have the mental clarity of my childhood and I wanna start lifting some heavy weights. I’ll be posting tips and tricks I’ve used along the way that will hopefully be a starting point for somebody who wants to reclaim their health and feels just as apathetic towards governmental advice.

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